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Samples from the Film and Photography Locations Archive

Industrial Event Space

New York City Industrial Space available for film, photography, and events

NYC Daylight Studio

NYC daylight studio with fantastic skylights

Aircraft Boneyard

Airplane Graveyard near Tuscon, Arizona – available for film and photography  

Manhattan Alleys

Various Alley Locations for Flm & Photography in Downtown Manhattan, NYC


New Jersey Landfill, Apocalyptic Setting…

Greenpoint Terminal

Longtime caretaker of the Greenpoint Terminal Larry Friedman Passed away on July 24, 2009 I scouted the Greenpoint Terminal many times over the years, and Larry Friedman, who…


Sand & gravel mines, scouted For Vogue Magazine, Long Island, New York State

Industrial New Jersey

Industrial Textures for Video Game Modeling & Photogrammetry

Brooklyn Sub-Basement

is it an ancient temple below the streets of new york city, or an abandoned undersea subway platform ?

Ikea Event :: 360° NYC

360° Virtual Tour for Ikea, New York City

Dumbo Clocktower :: 360° VR Panorama

Dumbo Clocktower Interior, 360° VR Panorama