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Samples from the Film and Photography Locations Archive

Las Vegas Skyline

Las Vegas Skyline View, 360° Panorama

Midtown Manhattan Rooftop

Midtown Manhattan Rooftop, Film Friendly

Penthouse Office

Manhattan Skyline View, Vacant Space with Terrace

Downtown Manhattan Rooftop

Locations scouted for Sony HD video project

Empire State Building :: 360° Panorama

Reference panoramas & photographs of the Empire State Building shot for WETA Studio VFX work on Peter Jackson’s King Kong, 2005

Top of the Brooklyn Bridge :: 360° NYC

Top of the Brooklyn Bridge, 360° VR Panorama

World Trade Center

On September 6, 2000, i spent about 24 hours on top of the World Trade Center, preparing for a Limp Bizkit music video, “Rollin’” – at the time…